The Physio-active Cream is a fast acting, anti-rheumatic preparation centered on the biologically
active constituents of a high quality approved peat suspension from Casselman. In addition, the
inclusion of methyl nicotinate exerts enzyme-like effects on the metabolism of the adventitial
cells. Because it is soluble in lipids, the ester penetrated into the treated skin extremely quickly.
Hyperaemia and a rise in temperature occur just a few minutes after massaging the ointment into
the skin. This methyl is outstandingly well tolerated in almost all cases.
The subjective effects of Physio-Active Cream are felt as easing or even totally relieving of pain
and as a comforting feeling of warmth that often lasts for hours. Citronella essential oil ensures
that the ointment does not burn sensitive skin. L’harpagophytum is a further substance that has
contributed to Physio-Active Cream becoming a popular and most valuable ointment against
All rheumatic complaints, sciatica, lumbago, chronic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis neuralgia also
for neuralgic symptoms caused by sport, heavy work or chills, neuritis, myalgia, low back pain,
contusions, strains, pleurisy, pneumonia with delayed absorption, intervertebral disc injury,
peripheral circulation disorders.
Almond Oil, Methyl Nicotinate, Red Pepper Extract, Citronella Oil, Peat

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