We carry 3 kinds of Mud baths Medical (detox), Lavender and Pine…
Black Oxygen has created a medical formulation to bring you the highest quality, most effective
peat. It contains added sulphur with its many therapeutic effects, wintergreen as a counter-
irritant, pine essential oil and 35% humic acid, which is a major active compound.
This unique formula also has carrier molecules to increase the absorption of natural minerals and
medicinal properties through the skin. Peat mud substances are dark colored, predominantly
aromatic, acidic, hydrophilic, molecularly flexible polyelectrolytes. While mud consists mostly
of inorganic sediments, most peat has about 50% organic matter.
High-moor peats are composed almost entirely of organic matter. Low-moor peats are deep level
vascular peats, which are also made up of organic material formed by humification of vegetable
matter. In addition, this high quality peat mud is also mineral rich and pollutant-free.
Take a Black Oxygen Moor Lavender bath if you:
• Lead a stressful life
• Want a better, deeper night’s sleep
• Travel and need to fight jet lag
• Need help regulating sleep patterns
• Desire a peaceful, calm feeling
• Need to calm sunburned or irritated skin
Composition: 85ml MOOR extract, 10 ml (0.32 oz) of lavender officinalis essential oil
Indications:  This lavender mud bath will thoroughly relax your body.  The lavender essential oil helps to rejuvenate the skin tissues.
Take a Black Oxygen Moor Pine bath if you:
• Want to relieve sore muscles
• Workout and experience “sports stress”
• Want to boost your immune system
• Need to reduce joint inflammation
Composition: 85ml MOOR extract, 15 ml (0.5 oz) of pine needle essential oil.
Indications:  All rheumatic diseases, such as muscular rheumatism, joint rheumatism (arthritis-arthrosis),
lumbago, neuralgia, peripheral circulatory disturbances, chilblain, eczema, mycosis, and

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