We use the facial mud mask as part of our facial rejuvenation treatment.  Clients have raved about the quality of the mud mask.   The unique 100% natural mask is the 3rd and 4th layer of the moor bog. It is the most consistent layer with only a small quantity of water. It detoxifies, purifies the skin, removes excess oils and clarifies impure properties and creates beauty through health. It also helps heal acne-prone skin, tones and is anti- aging.

In Europe, it has been extremely successful in Dermatology for many years. There are no contra-
indications with the Natural Mask. It suits the most sensitive of complexions and is beneficial to people using Retin-A.
The ingredients are Moor (Peat), Lemon, rosemary and sage essential oils.  Simple and elegant!

Get started today and feel great again.

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