What is (tui na) therapeutic massage?

The term tui na means “pinch and pull,” refers to a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) therapeutic massage and body work.
Tui na is not used for pleasure and relaxation, but rather as a treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony. As a non-needle technique tui na is used for many of the same reasons and according to the same principles as acupuncture. Like acupuncture, tui na is used to harmonize yin and yang in the body by manipulating the Qi in the acupuncture (meridian) channels. Another way of saying Tui na is “acupressure” massage. This is where practitioners use finger pressure instead of needles to stimulate the acupuncture points.

What does Tui na treat?

Tui na is one of the most popular TCM treatment modalities and is frequently used in the treatment of superficial trauma and injury and a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. Tui na is also often used when acupuncture is inappropriate, such as with children, when it is referred to as “Chinese pediatric massage therapy”.

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