What is Reflexology?

Some researchers believe that reflexology is over 5,500 years old. It is speculated that it was known thousands of years ago in India, and was brought to China and Japan by Buddhist Monks.

Monks and priests have often been involved in healing in every culture, especially in the Far East.

In North America, the Incas are believed to have practiced reflexology on the feet.

Reflexology using hot stones on the feet and legs

The hot stones are loved by clients and take relaxation to another level. Hot stones have been shown to lower cortisol levels and also help to support the parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body to reverse the stress reaction.

Hot Stone massage originated in India and China and has been around for centuries; ancient civilizations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind.

As the name implies, the treatment involves using smooth stones which are heated and are then used to massage the lower leg and to carry out the reflexology.

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to every gland and organ of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps to promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

How can Reflexology help you?

Reflexology is highly effective in reducing stress and pain throughout the body by putting the client into a deeply relaxed state, allowing the function of the nervous system to shifts into its optimal parasympathetic (involuntary) mode.

When the body is in this state of relaxation, it has the ability to re-establish its balance and consequently its self-healing potential.

There are approximately 7,200 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot, which have connections through the sciatic nerve to the spinal cord and brain. By breaking up uric and lactic acid crystals deposits in the feet, the crystals are released into the bloodstream and eliminated through the urinary system. This relieves the congestion in the body and the body functions flow smoothly, ultimately allowing the body systems to achieve refined internal peace and balance.

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