The Next Level is a Vibrant You!

More than a cosmetic procedure, ELR is a revitalization process for the entire body designed to make you look and feel renewed. Lose that under-eye baggage! Turn jowls into a jaw-line! Look rested, awake and revitalized!

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Side-Effects
  • No Pain
  • No Downtime for Healing
  • Holistic

Therapeutic Light and Colour

The Magic of ELR is the use of colour. Colour is how the body communicates on the cellular level. Through the application of colour light at targeted acupuncture points, information is fed to the body. This information is delivered directly where it is needed to balance the body and bring your innate beauty to a new level that is beyond any other non-surgical treatment.


You will feel and see the benefits of ELR after the first treatment. Noticeable results generally occur after three treatments. Dramatic results after ten treatments.

There are no side-effects to ELR, only side-benefits! Therefore, you can undergo consecutive treatments to speed up results.

Get started today and feel great again.

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