• I was an avid facial acupuncture patient for 4 years before Lumina changed to the microlight therapy treatments.  When Lumina decided to only do needles treatments I was concerned at first.  But seeing the results of the ELR treatments, I’m excited to see so many changes in such a short time.  It’s changed everything from my faces muscle tone i.e. sagging jaw line to the softness of my skin and the colour of my complexion.  I couldn’t be happier and there’s no pain so that in itself is a bonus.

    Mary from Ottawa, ON
  • I find that my treatments for insomnia and anxiety are more enjoyable now that Lumina is only doing needless practice.  I feel more relaxed because I’m not anticipating the needle treatment. We are using different treatments and combining them during the sessions.  We have working on EFT (tapping) and I find this very helpful.  Now that aromatherapy is part of the treatment I’m more relaxed and feel a deeper sense of calm and well-being during the treatment. I’m also learning to treat myself during the session not just EFT but other practices.  Katherine is very focused on having me help myself between treatments always teaching me the acupoints on the body and reflexology points on hand and feet.  She has also suggested dietary changes and relaxation techniques like mindfulness meditations.  It's always a very opening experience when I meet with Katherine.  I would suggest her to anyone that is suffering from insomnia or anxiety or any type of stress related issues.

    Jennyfrom Ottawa, ON
  • I have been going to Katherine for over a year now for my carpal tunnel pain.  I had the carpal tunnel operation on both wrist and the pain came back after 3 months.  At first I was doing to Lumina for acupuncture and cupping on my left arm and it worked.  Then my right arm started to become very painful and tingle.  So I booked at Lumina found out that the treatments where now non-needle treatments.    Katherine used Health Recovery Chips and that was very interesting and effective.   As well she used acupressure and cupping.   I’m happy to say after 3 treatments I was able to resume all my activity.    After a few weeks I felt my arm and hand go back to normal and look forward to doing normal maintenance to stop the problem from returning.   I would recommend Katherine's treatments to anyone.  

    Gailfrom Russell, ON
  • I’m a contractor and have a very physically demanding job.  In the past few years I've had trouble with my neck, the doctors say it's a pinched nerve. I've been going to Katherine now for several years originally getting acupuncture and now the treatments are non-needle.  I'm impressed my neck is doing great.  Now we are treating my shoulder and lower back using several different types of treatments.   I like her new approach and find the environment is relaxing and enjoyable.

    Janinefrom Brockville, ON
  • Katherine takes a very holistic and individual approach to her work in that she treats each client according to their specific needs while using an array of tools at her disposal.  Her work with me has encompassed skin rejuvenation, scar reduction and age spot removal via micro current and light therapy.  Like most therapies, clients will enjoy maximum benefits by doing their part, such as practicing good nutrition, doing the recommended exercises, along with making more beneficial lifestyle choices.  Katherine is very supportive and works from the heart.  Her studies in Chinese medicine is a value-added component that provides a strong foundation in her work, and one that she generously shares with me and her other clients.  She always strives to provide a uniform and consistent level of therapeutic application during each session, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking to invest in natural, long term solutions to their specific health and wellness concerns.  

    FBfrom Alymer, QC
  • I had a scar from surgery on my neck and the Micro light therapy treatments help it to heal faster and reduce the size of the scar significantly.

    Peterfrom Bells Corners, ON
  • I originally came to Katherine for acne treatments for my cystic acne.  She used micro light therapy and Mud treatments, both helped to reduce the occurrences of outbreaks.   It also reduced the pain and speeded up the healing of active acne.  One thing I noticed almost right away was the reduction of redness for active and scares from acne.  So when I saw this I asked if it would help on old scares particularly the one I got from a burn on my arm as a child.   And wow the Micro Light therapy reduced the colour and size of the burn.  It also relaxed the tissue underneath the burns so that it didn’t pull anymore.  I would recommend Katherine's treatments to anyone with any skin issues, I'm living proof it works.

    Christinefrom, Ottawa, ON
  • I had a stabbing pain in my leg and thought that I might have damaged my meniscus.  A friend of mine suggested I booked a free consultation with Katherine at Lumina.  Even after the consultation I still didn't know if she could do anything to help my debilitating pain. The treatment included (nano chip technology) Health Recovery Chips, acupressure and some aroma therapy massage.  After the strange treatment which was like nothing I had ever experienced before, I was able to walk with very little pain.  After a few hours I could feel my knee improving and later that day the pain was completely gone.   I really thought I needed surgery and to this day my knee is doing great.  So wired….I recommend Katherine’s treatments to anyone that has pain issue and especially knee pain.

    Jefffrom Orleans, ON

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